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PE liner auto cutting and sewing machine


Characteristics of Machine
1. PP woven bag, PP laminated woven bag is suitable in this machine.
2. Photo sensor EPC for PP woven fabric and PE film.
3. Cold-cutting or heat-cutting for PP woven bag.
4. Heat-sealing and cold cutting for PE liner film, auto liner feeding.
5. Auto. sewing for the bottom of PP woven bag, the liner film can adjust to sew with the PP woven bag and don’t sew with the PP woven bag.
6. Auto. counting.
7. Easy operate.
Technical Parameter of Machine

Model NTD-750
Width of fabric 450-650mm
Length of Cutting 600-1200mm
Thickness of PE film ≥0.01mm
Cutting precision ±1.5mm
Width of folding 15-30mm
Speed 18-20pcs/m