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Four shuttle circular loom


Performance and Characteristics
This four-shuttle little cam circular loom is specially designed for the high quality tubular or flat fabric by PP and HDPE. Both the yarn made of 100% recycled yarn and the yarn made of filler master batch up to 40% can be used for weaving low strength and big-sized woven bags; with four-wire motor with 1.5kw, 2.6A can be consumed while weaving. The power consumption is controlled under 200 kilowatt-hour for every 100 thousand meters of fabrics; with inverter speed-regulation, it can meet automatic stops for warp-breaking, weft-breaking and weft ending. The intelligent microcomputer controlling system can be installed, if required. It can adjust the weft density and compensate the weft density in case of weft breaking, which can put an end to the problem of low density and improve the evenness of woven fabrics. Moreover, it can achieve the online remote management, which saves labor intensity and improves business management.

Main technical parameters

Model NO. of shuttles (pcs) Width of weaving (mm)
Max. no of warp (pcs)  Speed of mainframe (r/min) Capacity (m/min) Motor power (Kw) Total power (Kw) Installing dimension
(L×W×H) (mm)
Weight (kg)
PL-750/4 4 300-750 768 140-180 1.4-1.8 1.5 2 8300×2200×2700 1800
PL-1100/4 4 550-1100 896 140-180 1.2-1.6 2.2 2.7 8900×2400×3000 2000
PL-1400/4 4 800-1400 1040 140-180 0.9-1.25 3 3.5 9800×2500×3000 2300
Note: All technical parameter are subject to change without notice.